Late-twenties. I like to be dramatic and write garbage. Any pronouns.

Requests: Drabbles Only
Commissions: Negotiable
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Frequently Asked QuestionsQ: What's your name?
A: BB or Birdie work fine 💜
Q: Who are you? What do you do? Where are you from?
A: 🤷
Q: Can I do a translation/podfic/fan-art/spin-off fic of your work?
A: Absolutely! Just credit me (let me know if you need help figuring how) and send me a link so I can share it!
Q: Can I post your work on [blank] site if I credit you?
A: If you're translating it, yes. Otherwise? No.
Request/Commission InfoQ: I have a request/commission inquiry, how should I get in touch?
A: Commissions: ko-fi || Requests: Tumblr
(you can leave requests anywhere, but I'll see them quickest on tumblr)
Q: Is there content you're unwilling to write?
A: Absolutely, the limits depend on whether it's a request or a commission.
No-Go Requests:
Extreme Underage
No-Go Commissions:
Extreme Underage

TitleTypeStatusMain PairingsTagsLink
I Look To You to See the TruthStand AloneIn ProgressHinata/NejiAlternative EpilogueAO3 FFN WPD
When the Night Time Is FallingSeries InstallmentCompleteNaruto/Sasuke, Hinata/Kiba, Kakashi/SakuraAlternative EpilogueAO3 FFN WPD
Mosaic EyesSeries InstallmentCompleteIzuna/TobiramaFem!Izuna, Arranged MarriageAO3 FFN WPD
Days When the Rain and the Sun Are GoneStand AloneCompleteItachi/SasukeModern AUAO3 FFN WPD
Kinktober 2021CollectionCompleteMultiEvent CollectionAO3 FFN WPD
Main PairingsTypeEventTagsWhen
Ino/KonanStand AloneRare Pair WeekModern AU18/09/22
Mito/TobiramaStand AloneRare Pair WeekCanon Compliant19/09/22
Madara/SasukeStand AloneRare Pair WeekFem!Sasuke, Canon Divergent20/09/22
Jiraiya/Orochimaru/TsunadeStand AloneRare Pair WeekFairy-tale Retelling21/09/22
Konan/Nagato/YahikoStand AloneRare Pair WeekModern AU22/09/22
Hinata/ItachiStand AloneRare Pair WeekCanon Divergent23/09/22
Jūgo/KimimaroStand AloneRare Pair WeekCanon Divergent24/09/22
MultipleCollectionNaruto Kinktober 2022Dead Dove: Do Not Eat01/10/22 31/10/22
Itama/Izuna/Madara/TobiramaStand AloneGift FicHistorical AU27/11/22
Izuna/TobiramaStand AloneNanowrimo1960s AU, Dead Dove: Do Not Eat31/11/22